Yoga classes – don’t get hurt

It is quite unfortunate but sadly people do get injured in yoga classes and it is important before starting any yoga classes you realise that ANY exercise that is done incorrectly can lead to an injury. The good news is that the benefits of doing yoga outweigh ANY potential risks of hurting yourself. You just need to remember to do exercise in moderation – don’t over-do it and ensure you enrol yourself in a good yoga class with an experienced and trained instructor.

Never think of Yoga in the *no pain, no gain* category – it is a very out-dated belief and if you apply this to yoga it can lead to self inflicted pain. Never attend a class where a teacher *pushes* you – remember yoga should be easy and comfortable. If you push yourself in yoga you can find yourself injured pretty much straight away.

How to stay safe during yoga classes

  • Yoga is a progressive exercise where less is more, if you haven’t exercised in a long time; don’t assume you can do what you were able to do 5 or 10 years ago. If you do a little less than you can achieve you’ll stay safe and be able to gradually advance comfortably with regular practice.
  • Finding the right teacher is important; you need a well educated and experienced teacher that can work with you and your personal needs especially if you are new to yoga.
  • Let your teacher know if you have any old injuries, be open and honest with your teachers so he or she can adjust your workout accordingly. Ask your teacher if they touch or adjust their students and if you prefer ask them for verbal adjustments, this lets you work it out for yourself and improves your listening skills.
  • Take responsibility for your own body there are too many injuries that can occur by regular incorrect yoga practice. If you suffer from hyper extended knees or elbows (for example) tell your teacher so adjustments to your routine can be made.
  • Remember that some poses aren’t for everyone, if you find a pose is causing you pains immediately stop the pose or change or adjust it in a way that makes it feel more comfortable. There are hundreds of poses, and they aren’t for everyone so always feel free to sit out a pose that just isn’t meeting your body’s needs.
  • Yoga classes aren’t competition. You are not completing your yoga class correctly if you are busy looking around the room to see what everyone else is doing, don’t compare yourself to, or compete with the other students. You are doing yoga for YOURSELF no one else in your yoga class is going to remember what you did – or didn’t do during the class, and you shouldn’t care about what anyone else did either.
  • If you are really enjoying your yoga class why not consider taking a yoga workshop or training course? Even if you don’t plan to teach yoga a workshop or course will increase your understanding and knowledge of yoga and that can help you stay safe when in your regular yoga class.

Bio: Lynda Pope is a 15 years experienced  fitness trainer. She worked 10 years in U.K. as fitness trainer and is now working at <a href=””>Hardcandy

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