What Does a Sneeze and Premature Ejaculation Have in Common?

Premature Ejaculation Have in Common

Premature ejaculation is a condition that leaves a lot of men ashamed as they orgasm sooner during sexual activity then he or his partner would like – causing the intercourse to end abruptly in most cases. The sexual dysfunction is common in a lot of mostly heterosexual men at all ages and experts have found that the condition can be caused by both psychological and/or biological factors. Because of such factors, the dysfunction can be either lifelong or gained by personal exertion and happen generally, or in specific situations only with specific partners. If the cause is psychological and the man has established a pattern due to early sexual experiences, whether it was guilt or the avoidance to be discovered that led him to climax early, the condition is easily treatable by consulting a sex therapist.

The fact that a man cannot last longer in bed can have a big impact not only on the partner suffering from its consequences but also on the self-esteem of the male. Many men feel embarrassed to communicate about this issue with their spouse and a lot of times the man ends up avoiding all sexual activity in order to not get humiliated or ridiculed by the partner.

man cannot last longer in bed

To understand the issue of ejaculating too early, we can compare the condition with holding back a sneeze. We all know the feeling of a sneeze building up and grabbing a tissue to blow our nose in order to reduce congestion, hoping one sneeze does not follow another. With men who suffer from premature ejaculation, the process is very similar as if he waits too long the point of inevitability has passed and he cannot hold back his orgasm. There are certain steps a man can take to postpone the happening, but unlike a sneeze, most men are not taught how to avoid their ejaculation early in life. A sneeze is a response, usually triggered by external stimulation of the nasal passage and there are premonitory sensations, which can be recognized and tended to in order to control themselves and to not sneeze automatically. Managing a sneeze by blowing their nose is a lesson learnt at an early age and rare mistakes don’t usually cause shame.

But when it comes to premature ejaculation, however, unfortunately, a lot of men fail to identify the early warning signals that enable them to prolong orgasm, signals which are almost as easy to learn as the premonitory sensations before a sneeze. When it comes to premature ejaculation, such warning signals can be increased muscle tension, testicular elevation and increased breathing. Once a man identifies his arousal level and the sexual tipping point, it is much easier for him to respond quickly to postpone the ejaculatory process. Successful techniques to delay the automatic reflex to orgasm before or soon after penetration can be a reduction or adjustment of either mental or physical stimulation during sexual activity. Slowing down, moving in a different manner or thinking about something less stimulating has helped many men to not let the orgasm overtake them. When suffering from premature ejaculation, the man must learn to control his mental and physical arousal by identifying his premonitory sensations and knowing what to do about it to respond quickly.

However, it is not uncommon for some men to require some external help to control their reflexes and consult physicians who have experience in treating men’s sexual health problems. For many men suffering from premature ejaculation a combination of psychotherapy, medication and sexual therapy works best to treat the condition as well as learning their premonitory sensations to postpone and ejaculation as easy as delaying a sneeze.

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