Pilates – for beginners

Pilates is just like most things in life – you can’t be expected to learn about it in a day. One Pilates class isn’t going to make you an expert, it will take quite a few classes before you get the hang of it. Pilates is a combination of strengthening and lengthening muscles all at the same time while working out your WHOLE body, and it is something everyone can do!

Many people who take up Pilates for the first time do so hoping it will help ease a back injury or keep them in shape while they recover from an injury to their body. Pilates classes do require a bit of dedication and you may need to re-train the way your mind thinks. For example how do you do leg circles in the air without clenching your thigh muscle?

You need to stick with Pilates classes, you can’t attend one and give up, it’s actually easy to do and a beginner pilates class is a great place to start. You won’t feel too good at it after class number one but it is fun and it does become easier and the best part is after a Pilates class you’ll feel invigorated, calm, focused and energized. In no time at all you’ll be eagerly looking forward to your next Pilates class.

Give it time and soon you’ll find – you’ll feel pain free, more fluid, and more flexible and overall you will feel better!

Your body changes through exercise – any exercise and that is within your control – your biggest hurdle is your mind. In Pilates classes you use your mind to focus on what you are doing and waking up muscles you never knew you had and making them strong!

When you watch a trainer in a Pilates class doing a workout they make it look so easy and this makes people think that Pilates is easy and is like having a massage – relaxing – like a soak in a hot tub – but no it is actually a work out!

The reasons why pilates does look calm and effortless are:

  • You use muscle strength but not to the point of exhaustion
  • You do no more than 8 – 10 reps of an exercise
  • You breathe deeply and properly
  • You have fun!

There is no need to feel pain or *the burn* every time you do a Pilates class – you don’t need to do that to get benefit from a Pilates beginner class. Pilates make your movements more comfortable, more efficient and a lot easier. It connects your mind and body in a way that is truly amazing.


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