How Our Brain Computes Attraction

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Why we feel attracted to somebody is not only a very personal issue as evolutionary psychology studies reveal. While studying the field of human attraction, scientists have found that there are common overlapping factors, which make an individual attractive since most of us will value kindness and intelligence. When it comes to features that draw us to the opposite sex, females tend to see body height attractive in men, whereas a slender figure is often seen as attractive in women. Furthermore, there seem to be characteristics where we subconsciously draw our attention to such as facial symmetry, scent or vocal qualities.

Researchers have worked hard to identify some features on how we rate attraction, besides, the reason why we find somebody attractive seems often be influenced by the thought of short-term and long-term mating. According to studies, for heterosexuals, the positive qualities of kindness, dependability, intelligence and emotional stability along with a healthy body are characteristics, which make an individual attractive as well as skills and interpersonal behaviour. Men tend to add fertility and youth to the desired profile whereas women often feel attracted to a higher status and maturity. Naturally, these general factors allow for interpersonal deviation and may differ due to cultural and social factors, family circumstances, ageing and so forth.

One very interesting question is how these factors are planted into our minds from an early age on and how we choose which features we prioritise in order to find someone attractive. It is also interesting to look at, which feature might be a deal-breaker or if there is one factor that must be present regardless of everything else that makes us turn our heads. Research has found that in general, opposites do not attract. We seem to find people interesting who have similar levels of attractiveness hence similarity is the key to bringing people together.

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Even though physical attraction is an important advantage, similarity is without a doubt the feature to seek in a life partner even though we might have frequently engaged in relationships for the sake of romantic love. According to studies, in the end, we are better off and happy in a relationship where the partner is equally educated and has a background with similar values and experiences rather than a partner who is totally different from us. For us, it is not only easier to communicate with somebody who complements us, but this person might also understand us better and share our values and believes. Loving someone who is similar to us is also psychologically good for our self-esteem, as we tend to think that when the partner is wonderful, I am wonderful too.

But no matter the physical attraction, sometimes one of the partners stops being sexually attracted within the course of the relationship. Even though sex isn’t the only reason to be in a relationship, it is still a component for many couples. Sexual intimacy is vital for a healthy relationship but losing interest in sex is more common than you think, people are just not talking about it as much as they could. Health issues can take a big toll on a happy relationship and especially in men who experience some kind of sexual dysfunction, the interest in sexual intercourse can rapidly decline. If your partner suffers from erectile dysfunction, you should try and learn as much as you can about this condition in order to help him manage.

Take a close look at recent lifestyle changes, latest medical treatment and possible relationship issues as these are often the cause when a sexual disorder suddenly becomes a problem in the bedroom. It is important for your partner that he knows how much you value him despite his condition, as men often tend to reflect stamina on masculinity. Stay positive and talk about both of your feelings but if the issue is persistent and lasts three months and longer, consult the doctor for a check-up as a lot of times erectile dysfunction can be treated easily with the right medication.

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