Getting In Shape For Summer

Body Shape

Everything about summer is desirable. From outdoor BBQs to poolside parties and taking a break from work, the last months of the year are always fun in Australia. While living is easy, it can be challenging to get your body in shape.

If you are wondering how to get the perfect summer body healthily, read on to discover the adjustments you need to make to your lifestyle.

Set Your Objectives

If you want to work out successfully, you must set realistic and measurable goals. You are more inclined to improve your fitness if you track it continually.

Start by measuring how much you can do now. For instance, you can count the number of push-ups you can do or how heavy you can lift. Then, aim to bear those numbers within the next month. This is important because strength and endurance are vital to achieving the perfect shape.

Observe Your Diet

Eating heavier meals before bedtime isn’t healthy. If your objective is losing weight, ensure that you consume most of your meals at least six hours before sleeping. People who eat heavy breakfast and lunch lose weight faster than those who eat heavy suppers.

Eggs are an excellent choice for breakfast because they are cheap and easy to prepare. More importantly, they have essential amino acids that help in muscle building. Also, the protein and fat in eggs will make you feel full longer, reducing the risk of overeating.


Drinking plenty of water during warm weather makes you feel lighter. The hot summer conditions dehydrate your body. In response, the body holds on to fluids, which makes you feel bloated. Although this seems counterintuitive, it underlines the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day to maintain balance.

Moreover, water is vital to aiding recovery after a summer workout. It helps with muscle repair, improves digestion of vital nutrients, and reduces fatigue.


Maintaining awareness while eating can help you slow down and recognise fullness. This lowers the probability of overeating. Mindful eating involves focusing on the aromas, flavours, and textures of your food while slowing down the eating process.

You can also adopt this approach into your workout routine. When exercising, ask yourself where you are and what you are feeling. Focusing on your movements ensures that you don’t have negative thoughts like feeling tired or thinking that the training is useless.

Attend Classes

Another strategy for getting in shape this summer is by attending classes. Besides helping you achieve your fitness goals, these classes provide an excellent platform for meeting friends.

However, you might find it challenging to find the right class because many options are available. If your primary aim is changing your body shape, start with body sculpting and toning lessons. Cardio and strength training are ideal for those who want to lose weight.

Get a Training Buddy

Training is more effective when done together. Consider inviting your friends to your home for joint training sessions, even if it is in your backyard, rooftop or home gym.

By working out with your friends, exercising becomes fun, and you can hold each other accountable. Even better, you can engage in friendly competition using trackers or smartphone apps. You are more motivated to train harder when you realise that your buddy is beating you.

Do Yoga

Yoga has several benefits to your physical well-being. You can use it to improve your body shape, and the best thing is that you don’t need a mat. All you have to do is add some poses into your workout routine.

For instance, you could stretch your arms out while washing your face, or stretch your legs before making the bed. Yoga helps you reduce stress, enabling you to train better.

Get Enough Sleep

People who don’t get adequate sleep tend to have a higher craving for processed foods like cookies and pizza, especially during the night. This is because the body is trying to get more energy to combat your tiredness.

You can beat fatigue and unnecessary cravings by getting enough sleep. The recommended minimum is seven hours daily.

Avoid Restaurants

Although it is convenient, eating at restaurants can hurt your fitness goals. People who eat at restaurants lose weight slower than individuals who carry food from home. Besides reducing your average caloric intake, cooking for yourself saves you money.

When cooking, try to include seafood in your recipes because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which boost brain activity and lower the risk of heart disease.  They are also an excellent source of muscle-building protein.

Use Technology Sparingly

Nowadays, people use a lot of technology to track their training performance. You can’t get into a gym and fail to notice a heart rate monitor or a GPS chip. Even smartphones come with pre-installed fitness trackers.

While technology helps you monitor some crucial metrics, you can do without it. Listen to your body, and you will know when to push harder and when to stop.

Try to incorporate tech-free sessions into your training routine. You might find yourself getting better results than when you were using tech.

Drink Coffee

Drinking coffee before working out has multiple positive effects. The caffeine in this beverage makes you train harder and improves your endurance.

Additionally, coffee can help protect you from the sun’s harmful effects, although you still need to apply some sunscreen.

Update Your Playlist

Music has a wonderful effect on exercising.  Consider updating your playlist by downloading mashups and remixes of your favourite tracks. Ensure that the songs you add make you want to move. For instance, a song with fast beats is ideal for cardiovascular exercise.

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