Common Nose Job Concerns

Have you ever consider having a nose job or even a nose reshape? If so, you’ll want to know important nose job problems that only a Rhinoplasty surgery procedure can remedy. Lots of individuals at some point in their lives have considered nose surgery, but only a few finally have been courageous enough to meet a Plastic Surgeon. In this article, we deal with common nose job, shape and nose problems. We also cover the most common complaints about NOSES that push people to consider nose surgery options such as reshaping, resizing or re-positioning specific structures of the nose.

Common Nose Job Concerns That Nose Surgery Can Help

Rhinoplasty (nose shaping or re-shaping surgery) isn’t a practice to take lightly. Nose job surgery is among the most requested popular cosmetic surgeries procedures for a long time. According to reports from ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), nose reshaping has always featured among the TOP 5 Surgical Procedures that people requested in recent years

From 2013-2017, the percentage of people requesting Rhinoplasty surgery has witnessed a steady rise. The social media is having a pretty powerful impact on most people’s decision to reshape their noses.

Rhinoplasty Statistics (Global)

  • The percentage of people requesting for nose surgery show NO signs of reduction
  • Global Rhinoplasty Statistics research results are published every one to two years

According to Global Rhinoplasty Statistics from 2013, Plastic Surgeons around the world operated 954,000 plus noses in a single year. YouTube video channels are gaining much popularity. The number of YouTubers has increased tremendously in 2018 owing to easy access to a wide variety of affordable video apps.

You can now see how you are not alone on being unhappy and considering having a  nose job to alter the original shape or size of your nose

Even though nose surgery is a serious undertaking that comes with its own risks, it is clear that many people are choosing to request for the surgery. The nose shape, its size, tip dimensions or other details about the proportions are problems to remedy.

Why People Get A Nose Job

  • Or maybe they see their nose shape as crooked, too pointed, humped, quite lengthy or not just cute as they wish.
  • It is highly related to selfie sharing trends, smartphones, and image obsession. Hence, if one is not happy with their nose, they will feel even unhappier seeing their faces every time on shared social media photos. To remedy the situation, they will have to visit a plastic surgeon to reshape or re-size their nose.
  • Also, they may tend to over criticize their looks and see themselves as getting older too soon and maybe are starting to look like one of their grandparents. They may see their nose as less distinctive and more blended with their other features.
  • Medical reasons: Some reasons may be entirely medical, such as seeking to correct a deviated septum or mend your breathing issues by reshaping your internal nasal structure.

What Makes For A Universally ATTRACTIVE Nose?

Beauty you know is in the eye of the beholder. It is obvious that your version of a perfect nose shape may differ from mine. But the media has certain shapes that it has hooked on people’s minds but note that your nose shape and attraction depends on other facial features.

  • Typically, the bottom-line is facial balance and feature harmony.
  • How well does the nose match the face? Or it detracts or distracts your face from your other facial features?
  • Are you led by the nose to be distracted from the eyes or mouth or the balance is nice?

Common Concerns About Noses That Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons Can Help Resolve

  • AN overly flat or wide nose bridge:
  • The nose has a large bulbous tip.
  • The nose is too big or long.
  • The nose is too pointy.
  • The nose is crooked.
  • The nose has a prominent hump or nose-bridge bump.

Choose A FRACS Plastic Surgeon To Avoid A Botched Result

Cosmetic surgeons are different from Plastic Surgeons who can also be called Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons or Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons. Let your surgeon be FRACS and not an expert in a different area of medicine.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

  • It’s essential to note that each individual is unique.
  • Beauty is based on individual perceptions. What seems beautiful and attractive to you might not be the same for me like many others.
  • The opinions your friends and people around you have about your nose job may differ as per whether you look better or worse. Some may need more time to adapt to the change or your new look.
  • You can’t minimize what cultural influences have to offer in response to a nose job or any other beauty related surgery. And what of what other cultures think of as beauty?
  • That noted some nose shapes are commonly what many people seek to have as their corrected nose type.

Nose Concerns:  Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Nose Job

  • It is important to ask yourself WHY you are considering a Nose Job Surgery
  • Are you choosing the nose job surgery as something you’ve personally been seeking for yourself or it is just a spontaneous decision? Never have unplanned cosmetic surgery or do it to please someone else.
  • Be conscious that not everyone around you will support or be supportive of your surgery decision.

Try not to accommodate the view of another person as to what a ‘perfect nose’ shape or size looks like. Note that the results may leave you looking slightly different from what you look like. Most importantly, you have to understand your motivations, the procedure, the downtime, the risks, and the long healing period involved.








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